Alibi Monterro returns in the second book of the Alibi Monterro - Junior Detective children's book series. Mystery at the Dinosaur Parade is for children ages 4-7 and has 30 pages of full-color illustrations. 

Alibi and her friends have waited for this day since Kindergarten - the day of the Dinosaur Parade! But her friend Cooper’s brontosaurus is missing. Alibi, with her little green notebook in hand, is on the case! But there isn’t much time - The Dinosaur Parade is tonight! Can she find the missing dinosaur before his grandparents arrive to see the big parade?

Mystery at the Dinosaur Parade is the second in a series that spans Alibi’s elementary school years. She is content in First Grade - happy to hang out with her friends and her granddad.  She learns the true meaning of her name, but what does that really mean? With only faded memories of her dad, Alibi wonders about the last time she saw him, and the two men he left with. Each book reveals a piece of Alibi’s personal puzzle, a puzzle that once completed, will change her life forever.

This unique series is set to include three picture books and three chapter books, one for every grade from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. Grow up with Alibi Monterro!

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Coming November 1, 2023

Grammie's Magic Wing String

Grammie is BACK! This time her great-grandchildren from Texas come to visit. The older sister remembers something very special about Grammie's porch swing, but her little brother doesn't believe her. He was still a baby the last time they visited. 

Like Grammie's Funny Hat, Grammie's Magic Wing String describes a time when young children play with their 90-year-old Grammie. The children learn that Grammie needs to use a cane to help her walk, while Grammie fosters their imaginations with the adventure of a lifetime!

The creation of Grammie's Magic Wing String involved four generations of the author's family. Grammie is the author's mother. Kati Gonzalez, the author's daughter, is both the illustrator and Momma in the story. Elize and Heath, ages 5 and 3 at the time, are the author's grandchildren. 

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